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Collaboration Tips


Academic collaborations are at the heart of producing great research. Navigating academic collaborations in a productive, healthy, and effective way, however, can sometimes be difficult! Sometimes, we become a part of conflicts or disputes that cause us much stress and anxiety. Sometimes we do not how best to frame an idea or thought we want to communicate to our collaborator. Sometimes we get caught up in a disagreement about authorship.

We (a group of graduate students) have put together a set of resources to help students in their research collaborations. By the end of these modules, we hope you will be able to:

  • Identify important things to reflect upon and talk about in research collaborations.
  • Understand how to frame your language when communicating.
  • Find and use Caltech resources effectively.

Workshop Creation Process:



Note, these modules were originally intended for a virtual, interactive workshop for Caltech students. There are slides where we prompt students to pause and respond via PollEV. While you make your way through these slides, we highly recommend you pause and give the exercises a try before moving onto the next slides. This will help you get the most out of these modules!

Please share with us your thoughts or feedback you have about these resources at caltech.healthycollab (at)!